The most common question we hear is "why do I need a coordinator for my wedding?"

To put it simply: Peace of mind.

Sure you can take on all the tasks that come along with planning a complex, once in a lifetime event. However, do you really want to be taking vendor phone calls and texts on the day you're supposed to be getting married? Will you be letting the servers know its time to pour the champagne right before the toasts? Will you be cueing up your bridal party yourself minutes before your big entrance?

The answer is probably no. Or at least thats what it should be! Its your wedding day, youre only concern that day should be getting married!

Our wedding coordinators offer you the ability to have your cake and eat it too. Think of a wedding coordinator as a personal assistant and your representative for the day all in one. A wedding coordinator is in charge of making sure all your wishes are executed according to your vision of your big day! On the big day, someone will have to make sure your ceremony and reception sites are properly set up, manage traffic for all your vendors set ups, and direct you and your bridal party on whats next on the schedule.

-Professional event coordinator
-Preliminary consultation
-Follow up meeting
-Preparation of timeline for event
-Develop a vendor set-up schedule
-Unlimited email and phone contact
-Bridal "Emergency" Kit
-Act as your spokesperson to ensure all of your wishes are achieved
-Management of vendors, phone calls and messages -Execution of "Day of responsibilities" (See link below)



Online Client Area

Our online client area is the perfect tool for any couple planning their big day! Our online client area offers a variety of tools and forms available to fill out 24/7 from any computer or mobile device. Our worksheets will guide you through providing us with the important details that will be needed to execute your wishes properly.

Our online area includes (click link for examples pictures):
-Music Request System
-Timeline Builder
-Wedding Reception Worksheet
-Online Account Profile

Additional Planning Material

Coordinator reviewing information
Aside from our online client area, we also provide many other helpful forms to make sure we dont overlook any detail! click any of the links below to view samples of our various planning forms

-Checklist for Bride & Groom
-Photography Must Shoot List
-List of Vendors
-Processional Order